GIVEAWAY, Grab a Hot Beachy Read for those Cool Fall Nights & First Posse Member of the Month!


Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic fall so far! I’m in Florida and I have to say, the days are just divine. Perfect weather, perfect temperatures. I’m loving every single day here! IMG_3867

If you’d like to feel like you’re in Florida (especially if you are living in a cold weather place), you can still buy all three books in the Sweetheart Sisters series! The Sweetheart Bargain kicked it off, followed by The Sweetheart Rules and all-new The Sweetheart Secret! Or, if you’re in a cooking mood, check out my Sweet and Savory romances—starting with The Bride Wore Chocolate.

This month, I’m featuring a spotlight presentation on my Posse Member of the Month. The Shirley Jump Reader Posse is a great group of hand-picked readers who help spread the word about my new releases. I love them all, but thought it’d be cool to pick one Posse Member of the Month to focus on and give a little shout-out to. I’m sure you’ll love meeting Ramona, who is an avid reader of Shirley Jump romances and one of the best author cheerleaders I’ve ever known. Read on after Ramona’s profile to see the surprise I have for my readers this month!

RamonaRamona Kersch Kekstadt

From: Chicago, IL

  • My earliest reader memory was 4th grade when I ordered books from the Scholastic order forms. Love Judy Blume books. Read them all.
  • My favorite book now I can read again and again: When Snow Falls by Brenda Novak. It’s just a really feel good book, and I can relate to.
  • My favorite place to read is my couch. That couch is in my kitchen. Funny as that sounds it’s the outside deck furniture moved in for the winter last year and never made it back out. So it’s my peace haven so to speak. Look out to the protective lands in my backyard.
  • My favorite kind of book is contemporary, but love to mix it up. Reason being I love the happily ever start. I’m a big sap when it comes to romance.
  • My favorite Shirley Jump book~The Christmas Baby Surprise. It was my very first book of Shirley’s and I just fell love with the story line. And was hooked on her books.
  • I love Cakes, all different kinds. Chocolate Fudge cake my favorite.
  • I love Dogs, allergic to Cats.
  • A cool fact about me: I love to karaoke.



To celebrate Ramona’s month, I’m giving away an ebook copy of any of the books I mentioned in the newsletter this month (one of the Sweetheart Sister books or one of the Sweet and Savory books). There’s a ton of ways to enter!

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Weekend Pics and Cupcakes :-)

        I spent my weekend in Fort Wayne, IN, with my running buddies and writing buddies. It was super fun and I had way too many pictures to share :-)


The Barbie doll is the substitute for me when I moved to Florida, and my friends brought her along to our dinner. It cracked me up!MeandSJ2

I had a FABULOUS racing weekend. Placed third in my age group and 17th overall in Saturday night’s Fright Night 5k. WhooHoo! It was an awesome race after feeling discouraged by my slow runs in the Florida heat.

Then I ran the River City Rat Race 10k on Sunday afternoon and though I didn’t win any awards, I shaved more than 7 minutes off my time last year and came THIS close to running the 10k (6.2 miles) in under an hour. I did it 1:02, and was pretty darned stoked with that time (and the fact that I caught the rat ;-).RCRR2013

Monday morning, I took a run at my favorite park in Fort Wayne, and took lots of pictures because I don’t plan on going back to the 32 degree weather anytime soon 😉


Shoaff2013d It was gorgeous. Look at those trees and leaves! And yes, it was cold, but I hardly noticed because the scenery was so exquisite.

Leaves, trails, ponds, lots of squirrels preparing for winter, and almost no people out (it was cold, after all!).

I mean, how can you NOT run in that setting? I just love how the trail curves and gives you that sense of anything’s possible. This trail is my favorite part of the park, and I save it for last because it just makes me happy :-)

Though I did see a spectacular sunrise, too!Shoaffsunrise


And a few more pics of the road because I love it that much :-) I know, I know. Probably crazy to love running somewhere in the cold that much, but I do :-)Shoaff2013c

Then I topped off my last day in the city with some fabulous writer friends–Julie Sellers, DJ Welker and Kyra Jacobs.

Great food, and great conversation!

When I got home to the balmy FL weather again, we went out for dinner (eating outside! Can’t beat that!) then went to the ice cream parlor next door for ice cream and cupcakes. The perfect ending to an absolutely awesome weekend! :-)