Running Tutus and Girl Power

I watched the Boston Marathon today and totally felt #BostonStrong and so very proud of the city that still feels like home to me. I rooted for Shalene Flanagan the whole way and teared up when Meb was serenaded with the Star-Spangled Banner. (First American to win since 1983! Way to go strong, Boston!)

I’ve been on this running strong thing since I’ve been injured and not running (quad strain). And in light of the Self Magazine IDIOTIC article calling a tutu-wearing runner “lame”. It outraged me and runners around the world.



My local running clubs are having “tutu” runs to show support for the profiled (and not lame) runner, who was battling cancer, had just had chemo and was running a freaking marathon (yeah, Self really screwed up). And so non-crafty me said “let’s make them.” It was super easy! The cheapest tulle we found was at Walmart and it worked better than the shiny stuff we bought at Michael’s (which was like glorified fishing nets). All instructions are here on this blog.


It was a fun time with friends and a great way to support a cause and look cute at the same time. We all did little pirouette pictures afterwards, because we’re cool like that ;-). And if you ask me, all runners and especially runners in tutus and those battling injuries and health woes and evil terrorists are cool like that too :-)

And here is the finished product. Aren’t we all so cute? :-)



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